Healing of Viola Carey

Sometimes when Viola Carey and the Seven Seals Singers were in concert, she would witness to the congregations how the Lord delivered her from sickness.  She had been sick for six years.  All of the doctors that she had visited and had come to her home said that there was no cure for her sickness.

One day alone at home, she prayed like never before, and she heard a multitude of people singing, “It Was on One Tuesday When He made Me Whole. If I Could Touch the Hem of His Garment, I know His Blood Can Make Me Whole.”  After the glorious singing, she heard a voice say “Go and sing God’s praises.”  

She felt stronger; so she tried to get out of the bed alone. But when she started to walk, her legs were too weak.  She got back in the bed.

Later, a Spirit filled lady came to visit her.  This lady was filled with the Holy Ghost.  She was called Sister Boone.  There were times when Sister Boone would speak in tongues as the Spirit gave her the utterance.  Later someone would interpret what she said and prophesied as events unfold.   Sister Boone was a *Prophetess.   This day she told Viola that God Almighty says that “All sickness is not unto death.  This sickness is not unto death.”

The next day Viola was completely healed.  Later she began to sing solos in churches and tell people how the Lord had healed her.  The people loved her and the beautiful Spirit that was with her.  Eventually she found and organized the Seven Seals Singers .htm.  

by Saint Viola Carey
Edited by Dr. James I Hicks

The original and only right meaning of the word Prophetess is a woman who foretells coming events to others, by the inspiration of the Lord.