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This is a pleasure to welcome you to my Web site of Christian Musical Praise and Witnessing in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As you look at every page, I believe and pray that you will be encouraged to live for Christ daily.  Furthermore, I believe that you will obtain knowledge how I began to sing and play the piano for the Seven Seals Singers and myself. 
Prior to my singing career, I became very sick and the doctors did not know how to treat me.  But I called on the Lord and He healed me.  As a result of being healed, I began to sing solos during my youth; I was called "The Little Gospel Singer" of Newport News, Virginia. During this time, I made my first recording.  I gave my life to the Lord when I received the gift of the Holy Ghost by faith, I repented and the Lord Jesus Christ remitted my sins at my water baptism.

Later I began to share the lead, play the piano and direct the Seven Seals Singers of Newport News, Virginia. 

Saint Viola Carey was the founder and organizer of this group.  After she passed, I managed the Seven Seals for many years. I generally continued to engage the Seven Seals Singers with programs on Saturday evenings, and three programs every Sunday after attending morning church services.  Many times this fine aggregation would sing after mid night to several thousands on the church holy convocation programs, and sing as a guest group for anniversary celebrations on Monday evenings.  

A graduate of Christopher Newport University, Bachelor of Science degree in Governmental Administration, Public Management specialty.  In addition, I have completed courses in Public Leadership studies in the Masters curriculum. Nevertheless, the Holy Bible is my main source of education.

I believe in the holy God Almighty and the Apostolic Authority of St. Paul and the early apostles of Jesus Christ.  I truly know the Lord is my redeemer.  He is a miracle worker and a deliverer.

I have begun to continue this gospel art form as a single on various programs.  I have a collection of personal audio compilations; therefore, discography is under construction.

In the future a book will be authored by me.

I appreciate the support given from my fans of all ethnicities and religious or non religious affiliations.

From my brothers, Floyd, Walter, Bernard, three of four Patriarchs of the Hicks family. Furthermore, I appreciate my entire aristocratic Hicks family of New York-(Father James I. Hicks, Sr., Peace be upon him ), mother Mary, aunt Idella, nephews and nieces, Adrian, Sutra, Kenny, Dayven, Jelani, Aisha, cousins, Dr. Roach and Joyce, Diane, Lorraine, many other cousins, and in-laws.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Also, I am grateful for the support from the saintly Williams family of Virginia-my cousins, Carolyn, James, Mary, Ethel, and Joseph.  And cousin Bishop Sherman Diggs.

I trust that you have enjoyed reading about me and the Seven Seals Singers, thus far.

May the Lord God Almighty bless you!

Thank you.

Embracing the Heart of Christ,

Dr. James I Hicks 


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