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*        Guest appearance with a choral ensemble

*    Guest appearance with an instrumental ensemble

*    Joint concert with choirs

*    University, civic, or church concert series

*    Church revivals

*    Corporate diners and charity benefits

*    Performances of choral masterworks with orchestra

*    Choral workshops and demonstrations

*    Concert tours and choral festivals


I perform Christian musical praise and witnessing with piano or keyboard alone.

My performance repertoire spans musical styles, periods, gospel culture.

A program of classical hymns, traditional, modern, and classical  gospel works composed and arranged especially for the occasion.


Bookings may vary depending on the specifics of the special event, including the date, time, location, and edifice, length of program, other artists.

For a tentative engagement, please send a message through our e-mail:


 Dr. James I Hicks                                    

P.O. Box 351      

Newport News, VA 23607 USA    

Note: For final arrangements, full names, street addresses, and telephone numbers will be required by responsible managerial person involved through U.S. Mail. 

Embracing the Heart of Jesus Christ,

Dr. James I Hicks


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